A Time to be Bold (and Give Notice)

At the beginning of the year, a coworker and close friend asked the table of about 5 of us at lunch to state our goals for the year.  Admittedly, this friend has no end to her tolerance for cheesy exercises like this, but her confident insistence that these things improve her life and the lives of those around her make it hard not to participate.  Because not everyone at the table knew of my plan to leave my job in April, to sell the condo and the cars, and set out on a spiritual journey around the world, I decided to say it without saying it.  I said, “My goal is to be more bold and adventuresome.”

I had not thought about it in those terms until that very moment, but it was absolutely the perfect encapsulation of my intent.  I wanted to start a life where I simply did those things I had always dreamt of doing and trust myself to figure it out.  I wanted to begin to live my life on the principle that if I just took the leap and jumped into the river, I would find a way to swim.

So in mid-February, I went into the office of the partner I work most closely with, and said, “My wife and I are taking a sabbatical.”  Before I even asked, he said he would see what he could do.  This was unexpected, unrequested, and more complimentary than I could have imagined he would be.

The next day, another partner I work with on a constant basis came to my office.  He made a half-hearted effort to get me to cut the trip to 3 months rather than 9 or 10.  Then he said, “We have really liked having you here.  When you’re finished with your trip, I hope you will come back to us.”

I was overwhelmed by the positive reaction I received.  I had always figured that I was good enough to keep around.  But to get this response from these two people when I was leaving them made me recognize that I was more valuable than I would ever have known if I had never taken the bold step off the beaten path.

The journey around the world has yet to begin.  But the journey of the soul is well on its way.  The rewards of boldness are evident already.


A Journey to the Top of the Mountain Begins with a Single Step

Our first step on the sabwavique was to move out of our place in Hollywood, whether it meant renting it, selling it, or both (it was both – a story for another day).  Just going through that process gave us a tangible feeling of being on an adventure the likes of which we could not fully comprehend.  There are not a lot of places looking to put up a couple in a room for two months.  Thankfully, we found this perfect little back-house in Santa Monica.  As always, the journey starts at home.


As you can see here, the place we found is idyllic.  Aside from this nice blood-orange tree, there is a yellow labrador, two cats, and three kids (well, two teenagers and an eight year old – the eight year old is a really sweet kid).  Having a back yard is much more comforting than the modern loft-style condo was cool.  I think this confirms one thing I probably already knew: I should stick to the things that feel comfortable, not cool.  Cool is good for a two-day trip to Vegas.  Otherwise, feed the soulful side.  A simple lesson, I know, but we all need reminding sometimes.  Don’t forget to check The Path to track our progress (okay, a little unnecessary at this point, but I can’t help myself when it comes to google maps).