A Journey to the Top of the Mountain Begins with a Single Step

Our first step on the sabwavique was to move out of our place in Hollywood, whether it meant renting it, selling it, or both (it was both – a story for another day).  Just going through that process gave us a tangible feeling of being on an adventure the likes of which we could not fully comprehend.  There are not a lot of places looking to put up a couple in a room for two months.  Thankfully, we found this perfect little back-house in Santa Monica.  As always, the journey starts at home.


As you can see here, the place we found is idyllic.  Aside from this nice blood-orange tree, there is a yellow labrador, two cats, and three kids (well, two teenagers and an eight year old – the eight year old is a really sweet kid).  Having a back yard is much more comforting than the modern loft-style condo was cool.  I think this confirms one thing I probably already knew: I should stick to the things that feel comfortable, not cool.  Cool is good for a two-day trip to Vegas.  Otherwise, feed the soulful side.  A simple lesson, I know, but we all need reminding sometimes.  Don’t forget to check The Path to track our progress (okay, a little unnecessary at this point, but I can’t help myself when it comes to google maps).


One thought on “A Journey to the Top of the Mountain Begins with a Single Step

  1. Ok, this is John’s dad … so create a blog, write articles, and quit a job; in this market? They both let go of jobs they love and they tell you they have sold their home and all possessions … You might want to check today’s date.

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