The Walking Commute

Walking: an inverted pendulum gait in which the body vaults over the stiff limb with each step. [].

I walked home from work the other day. It was awesome, and kind of delicious. More importantly, however, it was a different way of doing something I do every day (i.e., commute) and had assumed could only be done one way.

In addition, it was training for the 480-mile walk known as the Camino de Santiago, the 28-day survival training I will be doing in the summer, and whatever walking I will be doing during the course of this journey around the world.

It was a 5.1-mile commute, all on foot. Cris dropped me off at work in the morning, and I took a backpack with hiking shoes and clothes. I wanted to get in the habit of walking a lot, to break in the shoes, and to just do something that so few people in this town get to do. Because I wanted to prove to myself that I am still a youthful specimen of physical prowess, I really charged. I did it in an hour and a half and came away with a pretty good blister on my left foot.

Aside from the blister, I was surprised at how imminently possible it can be to walk 5 miles in a day. With the right life-planning, this could be a reasonable way to commute in Los Angeles. More importantly, though, it reminded me that in the times in my life that I recall as the most delicious, they all involved a walking commute. As the sabwavique goes on, this will be something to keep in mind.


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