It’s finally the night before we fly out on the sabwavique.  The bags are packed – and most of them are staying here.  All we’re taking are a couple backpacks.


This is the before picture.  I can’t wait to compare to the after.  My current weight: 185 lbs (a personal high).  My backpack: 20 lbs.

Here’s the itinerary for the first couple months: (1) Fly to Paris, stay for a day; (2) Fly to Biarritz, stay for a day; (3) Train to St. Jean Pied de Port; (4) Walk 480 miles to Santiago de Compostela.  After that, we head to Portugal – means of transport TBD.

It’s hard to believe that this moment is finally upon us.  Strangely, it’s been more work to whittle our lives down to a couple packs than it ever was to accumulate all the stuff we have sitting in an enormous storage unit right now (and a good portion of my parents’ garage – God bless them).   But here we are.  It feels like an accomplishment just to have arrived at this point.  Now it’s just a matter of putting one foot in front of the other.  Right?


9 thoughts on “Before…

  1. Bon Voyage you guys! Looking forward to following you on this journey! Have a safe flight and keep us posted!!

  2. Adelante peregrinos! I am uber excited and happy for you: a beautiful chapter of your life awaits you! All my love and a super big hug! Luli 🙂

  3. I am really enjoying this and wishing I had had your determination and your courage when I was younger to have tried something like this. Your aunt Sally went around Europe but never in this style.
    love you both

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