Yesterday morning, we arrived in Paris with no clue about the location of our “hotel” beyond the general neighborhood, the name, and the fact that it was the cheapest thing we could find. So, we took a train into Paris from the airport and then took the most logical connecting metro line based on the advice of the lady at the information desk. We basically picked a random stop on the metro. It worked. We got off the metro, walked in a direction that seemed sensible, asked each little hotel we passed if they were our hotel and, if not, to please point us in the right direction. After receiving 5 or 6 different opinions on the location of our hotel and generally wandering for about 10 minutes, I looked up, and I was standing outside an unassuming door with a tiny sign with the name of our hotel. We checked in.


You’d think we might have considered taking note of the address of our first night’s lodging. That’s just the kind of thing that seems completely unimportant when you are setting out on a 10-month journey. It’s a good reminder that every day is an important day on the sabwavique.

Here are some cool photos in Paris.





3 thoughts on “Paris

  1. sabwavique,
    so where is your hotel?
    and, would you share discoveries of things you find meaningful, including foodie stuff?
    linda will be in paris in late september and would like to take advantage of your discoveries!

  2. Enjoy a crepe avec some cafe au laitte! how about them apples with my french?!

    Love this journey already you guys….peace!

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