Get a rhythm

20120409-221207.jpg So much has happened and there has hardly been time to get to the actual reflections of this journey. We are starting to get a rhythm. The funny thing about the Camino is that no matter how fast you go, you always get there, wherever that may be.

We are now in Puente La Reina after going from Roncevalles to Larrasoan~a on Saturday, then to Pamplona on Easter, and arriving in Puente La Reina today. We’ve covered something like 93 k (more or less) so far.

The most painful day so far was the day with the shortest hike – only about 10 or 11 miles. We arrived in Pamplona shortly after noon yesterday and did our best to go out and see Hemingway’s old haunts. We managed to stumble across some ridiculously delicious food in the strangest place. A gourmet meal for about $25 euros, including two well-poured glasses of delicious crianza.

Spanish deliciousness…

Other Pamplona pics:




They will never quit.

We left Pamplona this morning – happy to get back out into the country. It was our first sunny day and a wonderful reward. Some photographic highlights of our day:



Tilting at windmills. In Spain. Literally.








4 thoughts on “Get a rhythm

  1. Beautiful you guys. Wow. So amazing. John, I thought of Johnny Cash when I read the title of your post…get a rythm. What a wonderful soundtrack for the camino that would be.

    I met a co-worker from Spain today. She is from a small town along el camino….I was proud to share with her that my brother was taking the journey!
    peace to you guys!

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