Business Idea: Bartender in Burgos


Burgos is a cool town, for a variety of reasons.


Most importantly, there is a cafe/bar every 7 feet where you can find people drinking beer or coffee at pretty much any time of the day. It seems as common to have a beer or wine with breakfast as it is to have a coffee along with your “pintxo” – the local word for tapas. Oh yeah – they eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the bar. Go figure.

And these places are always occupied. There appears to be a 10:30am rush for coffee, despite a similar breakfast rush a couple hours earlier. They eat a big lunch at the same places around 3pm, several beer/coffee/cigarette breaks throughout the day and then back around 8 or 9pm for another beer/wine/coffee and a pintxo to finish off the day, or prior to heading to a more lively establishment. See below, re: lively establishments.


(Come on, 13 days of walking. We needed to blow off some steam.)

Honestly, I don’t know if anyone works other than the bartenders who are busy the entire day dealing with the constant stream of locals who are always eating, drinking, and chatting. I have a hard time understanding how this all works, but it looks pretty luxurious from the outside.

The cathedral here is ridiculous.


All that being said, I can’t wait to get back out into the countryside.

Here are some pictures since my last post.

Goofy German picture of the day.


Ancient rock formation? Can you see the town in the distance? That means coffee.


The sun finally came out, so I took a picture of the blue sky. It has been the coldest, rainiest, snowiest spring in the history of northern spain.


Go right.


Sheep waiting for us at the top of the Sierra Atapuerca.


Shepherd: my true calling.


It got windy again. Really really windy.


Like I said, Burgos is a cool town.




We checked out the Museum of Human Evolution. They found the oldest dude in the history of Europe near here, so it’s a hotspot for that kind of stuff.


Tomorrow, we walk this way.



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