Life’s a Camino

Well, bumps in the road happen on the way to Santiago de Compostela. For example, sometimes you get sick. Cris has come down with a nasty combination of cough, vomiting, and … other stuff. Needless to say, these are not very welcome developments, and even less so when you’re staying in places like these:


So yesterday we checked into a “hostal”, which is the word here for private room with bathroom. This was the place we stayed last night (con cama matrimonial!):


But the little ghost town of Villalcazar de Somethingorother had no doctor. So after a very long night of witnessing Cris coughing incessantly between runs to the bathroom, I put her in a taxi to the nearest health center, which happens to be in the town of Carrion de las Condes, where we are staying tonight. Again we’re in a “hostal” (sin cama matrimonial):


She’s gotten some meds and a little help from the local doctor who is accustomed to visits from pilgrims on their way to Santiago. Now she’s resting while I go out and run errands. Please send out your prayers for her, because it’s hard to be sick in a remote village in Spain when you can’t go home.

In other news, we’ve come a long way since Burgos and the internet connections have been hard to come by. There’s too much to put in one post, but here’s a pictorial update:

What happens to husbands when wives are feeling too beat to carry their bags:


This is the couple that convinced Cris that her oncoming illness was just a temptation of the Devil who was trying to interrupt her pilgrimage to Santiago. Unfortunately, she took a little too much credence in their words.


A three shell pilgrim hostel! That means it’s clean and the showers have some hot water most of the time. Get in there before all the beds are taken!


Ruins of a former Templar monastery and pilgrim “hospital”. Now a highway runs right through one of its arches.


Things you don’t see on churches where I come from:



It’s been really really windy lately. You can’t tell from the picture, but going 28 kilometers into a massive headwind is not easy.


When you come to a fork in the road, take it.



8 thoughts on “Life’s a Camino

  1. Don’t want to get all political but…how much are the doctor visits setting you back? When you’re sick in a remote village in Spain I bet its cheaper than being sick in LA…

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