Well, two days ago I walked into Santiago de Compostela. It was a little bit triumphant, a little relieving, and little sad. It was nice to arrive, but as they say, it’s about the walking, not the arriving. So, I won’t try to sum up the journey with trite conclusory statements other than to say that it definitely fell into the category of things delicious. Now for some statistics.

The Butcher’s Bill
790 kilometers
36 days
8 blisters
2 sore tendons
1 24-hour flu
0 regrets

Country’s Represented
Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica, Cuba, Denmark, Ecuador, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Namibia, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, USA, Venezuela (and I’m sure there were others I can’t remember now)

Inspirational People Who I Saw Walking the Camino
– A woman with her physically and mentally disabled son
– Autistic 24-year-old twin brothers
– Blind woman guided by sister
– 80-year-old man
– Cancer patient

Who walks the Camino? He or she who chooses to.

What is the ultimate lesson of the Camino? If you really need to know, start walking.



10 thoughts on “Arrival

  1. I don’t know if “Congratulations” is the right word or not to use at the end of an adventure like this, but it is the only thing I can come up with at the moment. Your journey has been inspiring and wonderful to follow.

  2. John, looking back on the camino i will always remember you and your inspiring storys. we had a great time! “hufgeschlagen“ will become the word of the year in germany! it was a honor to start and to arrive with you! well, if you want or not, we got brothers for life! big hugs to you and chris from one of these goooofy germans! 🙂

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