We Made it to Santiago. Now What???


As one of you has already reminded me, part of the Sabwavique was the walkabout – an aimless wandering. Part of the reason for starting this journey with the Camino de Santiago was that it seemed like an introduction to the concept. It was a walkabout-light, or the walkabout minor leagues. That is, while it required a heck of a lot of wandering, it is not aimless. The destination is not only clear, but your every step is marked by an endless array of yellow arrows that keep you on the “true” path to Santiago de Compostela.

Well, having finished the Camino and with time to spare, Cris and I find ourselves (1) addicted to wandering, and (2) searching for those yellow arrows. This, I guess, is where we get our first look at major league pitching.

I have already taken an unplanned side trip to Germany to reunite with some friends I made along the Camino. While I was there, Cris got some advice from a fellow pilgrim to hike around the southwest coast of Crete. So that’s where we’re headed tonight.

Crete has a few advantages. It allows us to continue hiking, which we have come to enjoy more than I think we expected. It allows us plenty of time to do the post-mortem on our different experiences with the Camino – and they were quite different. It allows us to wander, somewhat aimlessly. It has numerous beaches and will hopefully have more sun and less rain. Finally, there are no yellow arrows.

I have intentionally left our itinerary off this blog for the very purpose of embracing the concept of walkabout. That said, plane tickets vary wildly in price and predetermine a certain amount of our travels. So, as we take this journey to the next level, I hope you will join us as we head to various spots in Europe, Southeast Asia, Latin America, and all the unexpected side trips that have yet to make themselves known.

Buen Camino!

Some pictures from the last few days in Santiago de Compostela, Vigo, Porto, Lisbon (where we are today to catch our flight to Athens).

Cris at the Santiago cathedral.


In front of the San Francisco Monastery (now hotel) in Santiago.


A stop over in Vigo, Spain.


Overlooking the Rio Douro in Porto, Portugal.


Arriving in Lisbon.


Dusk in Lisbon.


Oh yeah, and I got a beard trim and haircut. Here’s the before/after:




4 thoughts on “We Made it to Santiago. Now What???

  1. Love it! I think even in the miniscule taste of the journey that you’ve related to us, I can see how the desire to wander more would be very real. Exciting to see what lies ahead!

    I’m sure Bob will be happy to see the haircut/trim. lol

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