Seeking: Private Greek Beach

As I mentioned in my last post, we spent about 10 days roaming around the Greek islands. After a few bumpy rides (see last post), we had several peaceful days taking in stunning views, hiking the beautiful Cretan coastline, sunbathing on remote beaches, and enjoying the hospitality of the Greeks. The following pictures tell the story the best.

First, a couple of unplanned days on Santorini.




Then we took the horrible boat to Crete (see last post for details).


This was our route around Crete.




The hike to Sougia was full of stunning views.


While we were in Sougia, we heard a rumor about Sweetwater Beach, reachable only by foot or kayak. But the car was in Paleohora, and the way to get to Sweetwater was by hiking from Loutro or Sfakia.




As you can see, we reached Sweetwater. It was amazing. So, since we had sleeping bags and the weather was perfect, we just decided to spend the night under the stars. Applause for Cris, who had never done that before. Here are some pictures of the last few stages in the journey around Crete.

Goats on the road to Sfakia, a typical sight.


A 30 euro hotel with ocean view in Loutro. Not bad at all….


Sweetwater Beach from above.



Some wine and simple Greek food for lunch and dinner at the shack on the beach. Iorgos, the shack owner, left the wine and food behind so we would have a romantic evening on our private beach.




The goat that woke us up to see if we had his breakfast.


The amazing hike out of Sweetwater to Sfakia.



Then we took an overnight boat (with beds) back to Athens and had a day to explore the ancient sites and modern cafe/bar scene.



After all that, we returned to Lisbon to meet up with my parents and godparents. It was a wonderful wander around the islands, and something I would recommend to anyone. Now we’re off to walk around Lisbon and hear stories about my awesome little nephews, Cole, Dean, and Emmett. (For more on them, see: Diving Into the Waves).


4 thoughts on “Seeking: Private Greek Beach

  1. When you return, I expect you to look like the man with the pen in his beard. As always John, I am envious every time you post. Have fun and my best to you both.

  2. Are you sure the man with the pen in his beard isn’t a shot of you when you haven’t shaved in a while? lol Love it. Beautiful pictures! I love that you guys are still on foot for so much of your journey. 🙂

    And thanks for the shout-out!

  3. What a terrific adventure. The good, the bad, the ugly, and all unforgettable. Bless you and thanks for sharing with us.

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