An Overdue Update from Portugal

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, so here is the quick blow-by-blow since last time, followed by pictures:

– Returned to Lisbon and met up with my parents and godparents, debriefed two months of Camino, Greece, etc;

– Toured Lisbon for a few days guided by tour-guide Cris, crashed party for donors of Royal Palace Museum @ Royal Palace, which is now a museum (um, the people who donate to a royal palace/museum are the people who still have their grandaddy/king’s old miter….), regretted choice of jeans for evening wear, thanked god for choosing not to wear flip flops this one single time in your life

– Rented 9-person van for 6 people, suffered near heart attack driving unnecessarily large vehicle around tiny ancient European streets

– Headed to town of Sintra, read the brochure for a former residence turned amusement park, Quinta da Regaleira, which is described verbatim as “a magical symphonic poem in stone revealing the cosmic dimension of a phantasmogoric mansion”, enjoyed cafe beer, took nap, returned to appreciate phantasmogoric-ness of the entire town the following day, felt satisfied with level of magically symphonic stone poetry, etc

– On to town of Evora and it surrounds, checked out ancient Roman ruins and ancient-er Druid ruins, marvel at how they were able to move those stones around without the use of an opposable thumb, or whatever, drove 9-person van through smallest corridor in 9-person van history

– Arrived in Porto, ate good food, tasted Port wine, purchased Port wine, drank Gin & Tonics, appreciated parents and godparents for indubitable sense of self

– Said goodbye and thanks to parents and godparents for a ton of fun, reflection, and new memories

– Settled into new home for two weeks in Porto, realized that it’s on the actual route of the “Portuguese Camino”, assumed it was a sign from God

– Started Portuguese classes, explained to Portuguese teacher that the Brazilian accent is actually the proper accent….

Check out the photographs below.

Visiting various important locations in Lisbon:

The one and only photo we were brave enough to take of the Royal Palace/Museum party crashing:

Phantasmogoric / cosmic / metaphorical town of Sintra:

Ancient ruins in and around Evora:

Special thanks to our tour-guide:

More special thanks to Godparents:

Final special thanks to Parents:

Now, off to Portuguese school.  Follow that arrow:


10 thoughts on “An Overdue Update from Portugal

  1. John n Chris-
    Small world. In 2001 I went to a week-long meeting in Portugal. We stayed in Sintra! At the Hotel Tivoli. We toured Lisbon, all the way up to Fatima, and down the coast between. Sintra was great, with good food and Port. I remember the Pena Palace on top of the hill. Thanks for your updates.

  2. That is a great description of our “whirlwind” tour of Portugal. Difficult to describe in one short blog how much fun we had. Thank you for an incredible 8 days of immersion in Portugal and an even bigger thank you for driving the “tour bus” through streets with less than one inch on each side! We look forward to hearing about your next adventures!

  3. among my fondest memories of my Bar Mitzvah trip would have been the Sandeman Factory in Porto…strange days for the 13 year old…I am always glad to read your reflections on your travels, they allow us reflect so much on our own…

  4. Umm…I’m sure I’m not the first to notice this, perhaps not even the first to bring it to your attention. You left America on April 4…no? That was the last day of the Dodger preseason. The next day, with you out of the country, they began a better first half of baseball than is available to us in recent memory. I’m just saying.

    Don’t come back until November.

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