Things I Fear: Part 2 – Physical Inability

[Note: The following was written prior to July 15, but I have saved some of my thoughts for postings while I am out of reach of the internet.  Thanks to Cris for helping me out.]
I am not 23 any more.  While I feel as young and maybe more adventuresome in spirit, my body is obviously not the same.  This is particularly true of my achilles tendons, which have been very stiff ever since walking about 800 kilometers during the Camino de Santiago in April and May.  Meanwhile, I’m training to get my 1.5 mile time low enough so that the survival school will let me participate.  
I’m sure that with the adrenaline of needing to pass the test, I will be fine.  Nonetheless, it has been harder than ever to get in shape this time, and it occurs to me that climbing around the Rocky Mountains for 28 days will not be as effortless as in the past.  Considering that I will have to keep up with the mainly 20’s crowd that will be with me out there, it’s something that occupies my mind.  
Frankly, I’m very afraid that I will not physically be able to do this thing.  That is, I’m afraid of failing.  We will be expected to hike 30 miles some days.  I have done that recently and seen the toll it exacts on my body.  And the fear is particularly present, I think, because I want so badly to do this and to enjoy every bit of it.  Nonetheless, in the spirit of the Sabwavique, we proceed.  I’ll let you know how it goes when I get back.

2 thoughts on “Things I Fear: Part 2 – Physical Inability

  1. Gee John, I’m sorry your such an old man! And somehow I doubt that you will “enjoy” the experience. However, I know you will be proud (and insufferable?) afterward. Can’t wait to hear from you after. Pete

  2. I can’t wait to hear how this section of sabwavique turns out. I’m thinking you snuck in your iPad with GPS. 😉

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