Is it Pointless to Cultivate Ancient Skills?

[Note: The following was written prior to July 15, but I have saved some of my thoughts for postings while I am out of reach of the internet.  Thanks to Cris for helping me out.]
The short answer to this question is no, because I subscribe to Captain Jack Sparrow’s philosphy that it is okay – even necessary – to want some things just because you want them, and I want to do this.  
As usual, however, I also have a longer answer to the general question of “What’s the point?”  As tempted as I am to point out that the robots are going to take over one day, and we therefore all need to know how to communicate by smoke signals, that is not the true answer.
The longer answer, for me, goes like this: 
+Getting as far away from cities as possible helps me strip away the layers of culture and modernity – I call it “noise” – to help me reconnect with my self, my values, and my spirituality.  
+My “self”, my values, and my spirituality do not only exist in “nature” in the sense that they do not only exist where there are more trees than people.  Nature is all around us all the time, whether we want to admit it or not, and we are always a part of nature, as we are natural beings.  For me, however, there is just something about being in the mountatins, deserts, and oceans, that makes it easier for me to connect with the simple truths that make me feel whole.
+Therefore, to the extent I can spend time in “nature” with less gear, less prep time, and less fear, the more I can be in that place and the more I can appreciate being there.  The more I can do that, the more I can feel aligned with who I am and what I value.   The more I feel aligned with my self and my values, the more I can appreciate the nature and the spirituality that is all around me at all times, despite the noise of culture and modernity.  Finally, the more I can connect with those simple truths, the more I can feel whole.  Or at least, that’s what I’m hoping.



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